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Jesus Is In Control!

Remember Jesus Is Control! Do NOT allow fear in all that you may do. It is far to easy to forget who has the final say when fear sets in. Understanding to know Jesus is key and knowing he is always in control. We should all stay humble and trust his Holy Biblical Word Of God, in addition believe that this too shall pass. In the event of it all do the common helpful health related tips as suggested and be mindful of others and their health as well.

Here is how you can stay updated on the Corona Virus and how to reduce health risks.

Simply be prayerful as we endure this time of our lives. Keeping God first and formost is the best advice one can give. Rapidly studies and officials are making changes daily to help prevent additional health related risks regarding the virus.

Our suggestion is to stay updated with health precautions such as cleanliness and avoiding risking your loved ones and yourself. This is a time of preservation, preserve your heart and give by giving it to God. He will not fail you, not now and not ever. Be brave by focusing on the reality of what is faced and dealing with these unfortunate issues as they arise through The Word Of God! Jesus will lead you no matter the circumstances. He has NOT given us the spirit of fear.

Be Blessed Everyone!

Wash your hands and or sanitize frequently after handling public items such as other individuals, doors, merchandise and contact of surfaces. Be sure not to touch your face to reduce contact of the virus germs into your system.

As this wide range of a virus has spread, we encourage our readers to trust that all will be well, follow the CDC's safety measures and tips and we pray all will be well and recover this pandemic in Jesus Name! Amen.


Esthers' Watch Inc.