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The word "LOVE" comes from Jesus! We need LOVE daily!

Prayer keeps us spiritually focused and in line with how we should operate. It is a must have and a cleanse to us. Jesus was bruised, hurt, beat and even talked about but yet his attitude was still a reflection of love. If we could only mimic this position daily the love that we have inside will automatically show on the outside to others.

Accepting who we are means the most to our friends and family. However what about ourselves? We work the average day and even nights on various positions of the average working person.

Not forgetting the problems we may face in life and the mentor abilities we have for others, but do we really take time for ourselves in this very type of instance?

The heart grows fonder when we are apart, that's the phrase! Well how is the heart when we are close and upfront? Spending time loving ourselves is bigger than we know. Where do we start? Understanding the LOVE God has for us is one of the best gifts he gave to us!

Mathew 7:12 KJV Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

Pampering is one way but spiritually is better and first and foremost a huge need to us daily. In addition, loving you is always key whether it's also either hair and make up, a vacation, A friends or family outing or a simple bubble bath with Milk N'Honey with roses. Things of these mentions makes it easier for you to be loved by someone else. The time you take for you is self love. Everyone needs self love, care and attention.

Enjoy your special moments, we hope that all is well and remember give your life to Christ for he gave his for you to have one. One LOVE!