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Terms of Use

Esther's Watch Inc. is an Christian Women's Empowerment organization; the purpose of our website is to showcase helpful information to the public with awareness of supportive causes through calendar events. We strive on making a difference in communities and in doing so, supportive donations, tickets for events, or merch item payments  are made available on our website.


We carefully keep all donators and supporters personal information kept confidential. All partnerships partnered with Esther's Watch Inc. will have a privacy and or public relationship as mutually agreed upon.  We are not responsible for any 3rd party affiliates actions and or representation. We reserve the right to deny any funded monies at any time do to suspected fraudulent financial activity. We desire to operate with trusted sources.


Our website is user friendly, all personal information of sign ups of names , phone numbers, e-mails, address information for sharing through Esther's Watch Inc. is prohibited. We do not share nor solicit personal, organization, or company's information of  site actions.

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